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Monday, June 01, 2009

Jade Plant Care

By Christina Gale, Master Gardener

The jade plant (Crassula) is a common, slow-growing succulent grown as a houseplant. It likes bright indirect light and will grow in partial shade. Water is stored in the leaves, stem and roots. The plant prefers dry soil, so let it dry out before watering again. Avoid getting water on the leaves because it acts as a magnifying glass and causes burns on the leaves if you put them in the sun. When pruning, use a sharp pair of scissors, make clean cuts so it will heal quicker. For large plants, you will want to prune to redistribute the weight so they don't get top heavy or lopsided. Make the cuts close to the branch so you won't leave unsightly stumps. If you like, prune them like you would a fruit tree and shape the plant you want it to look.

If you want to propagate plants from the cuttings, you can look for red-dish brown root hairs poking out of the branches. With root hairs your cuttings are good to plant directly into a new pot, much easier than from the leaves.