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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Favorite Sun-Loving Plants

by David Salman, Santa Fe Greenhouses

Some of my favorite plants for extreme heat include:


Dasylirion wheeleri
(Sotol) with its sculptural form and attractively toothed blue-green foliage
Hesperaloe parviflora
(Texas Red Yucca) with its arching evergreen foliage and summer long display of coral-red flowers on tall spikes
Agave parryi
(Parry's Century Plant) with its magnificently spined rosette of thick leaves

Note that all these succulents prefer spring planting in Zone 6 and colder climates, as they need the hot weather to establish their roots.

Desert Grasses

Muhlenbergia dubia
(Pine Muhly Grass)
Nassella tenuissima
(Silky Thread Grass)

With their graceful foliage and tawny seed heads, these are the perfect companion plants to the beautiful succulents.

Heat-Loving Perennials

Agastache rupestris
(Licorice Mint Hyssop)
Antirrhinum 'Dulcinea’s Heart'
(Cold Hardy Snapdragon)
Salvia x 'Raspberry Delight'
(Raspberry Delight Bush Sage)
Stanleya pinnata
(Prince's Plume)
Zauschneria arizonica
(Hummingbird Trumpet)

Various varieties of Calylophus (Sundrops) and Penstemon (Beardtongues) are all very cold-hardy natives that bloom for months at a time and love the heat. Several of these are also top-notch for attracting hummingbirds.

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