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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Bob Pennington's Table of Tomatoes

variety namecolor"days"size  disease resistanceremarks
Ananas Noirbicolor801-1.5 lbIHe  sweet,rich,delicious
Beefy Boyred7012-16 ozIHy FVF1F2TSta beefsteak hyb bred for flavor, high solids low gel
Better Boyred75.75-1 lbIHyVFNone of best tasting garden tomatoes
Black Cherryblack65cherryIHe sweet rich complex flavor
Black from Tulared/brwn75-80.5-.75 lbIHe sets well, Russian
Black Krimdrk brwn75-9010-12 0zIHe best seller
Black Peardark red806 ozI  round pear shape, delicious & beautiful
Bonnie Bestred728-10 ozIHe old time favorite
Brandywine pink801-1.5 lbIHe legendary, exceptional flavor
Brandywine Blackblack80-1201-1.5 lbIHe real tomato taste
Brandywine Redred801 lbIHe lucious old-time flavor
Brandywine Yellowyellow90-1001 lbIHe creamy texture
Caspian Pinkpink8010 ozIHe maybe best tasting pink
Celebrityred708-12 0zDHyVFFNTAvery heavy fruit set, best seller, outstanding performer
Cherokee Chocolate mahogany75 d10-16IHe selected from Cherokee Purple, awesome flavor, productive
Cherokee Purplepink/purp 80-908-12 ozIHe some drought tolerance
Early Girlred524-6 ozIHyVFF best selling early
Gardener's Delightred65cherryI? aka "Sugar Lump" big yields of 1" fruit
Green Grapegreen70cherryD? a local favorite, sweet & juicy
Green Zebragreen/yel753 ozIHe uniqe salad variety, sweet & zingy
Husky  Redred685-7 ozIHyVFFASthuge production in small space, a short internode ind, 4-4.5' max
Husky Goldgold685-7 ozIHy limited quantity due to seed shortage, great flavor
Japanese Blk Trefelered/grn853-5 ozIHy round pear shape, delicious & beautiful
Julietred601 ozIHy 1999 AAS winner, lucious "grape" variety sweet and flavorful
Lemon Boylemon yellow 728 oz +IHyVFNthe fiirst and still best tasting lemon yellow,
Matinared582-4 ozIHe very early, terrific flavor, like that of beefsteaks, long bearing
Mortgage Lifterpink85very largeIHe mild delectible flavor
Mr. Stripeyred/yelo561.5-2 "IHe huge crops, striped, tangy flavor
OG 50 Parks Whopperred6512 oz+IHy a favorite for 20 yrs, the standard for tomatoes
Oregon Springred583 -5 ozDHyVtolerates both heat and very cold temps, produces all season
Patiored703-4 ozDHyFAStstill the best for small pots, min 12" wide, plants are only 2' tall
Paul Robesonblack75mediumIHe one of best blacks, 1st AFN year
Persimmon Orangegold orng801-2 lbIHe lucious old-time flavor
Quick Pickred606-8 ozIHyVF1NTearly, trouble free, heavy yielder
Rainboworange/red80-854.5 "IHy firm meaty, low acid, delicious
Red Currantred70-75tinyIHe a different species than other tomatoes, lots of tiny sweet-tart fruit
Romared783" longDHeVFthe most popular past tomato, large harvests,good flavor
San Marzanored80 d3.5" longIHe most productive paste, watch for drying out
Siberianred57-602-3"D? egg shaped,dwarf spreading habit, tolerates cool temps
Small Fryred651 oz -DHyVFNAStbursting with sweet flavor
Solidackidrk pink751 lbIHe low acid, intensely sweet
Stupicered521-2 ozIHe Czech variety, cold tolerance,superior flavor, sweet
Sungoldorange 57cherryIHy fruity, sugary, and delicious, a local favorite
Super Fantasticred7010 ozIHyVFNlarge harvest of delicious large fruit well suited to most climates
Super Sweet 100red651" cherryIHyVFlong strings of up to 100 fruit, extra VitC
Sweet Peared621/4"I   truly tiny red and scrumptchy
Tumblerred45pingpongDHy early and bred for baskets,
Ultimate Openerred575-7 ozIHyVFan early bred for flavor, and size,strong, high yielder
Viva Italiared723 ozDHyVFFNASt1st paste hyb bred for taste and disease resistance, huge yields
Yellow Currantyellow701/3"IHe like its red cousin a different species ridiculous yields of tiny fruit
Yellow Pearyellow781.75-2"IHe tiny pears , very sweet/garden candy
Yellow Perfectionyellow70-753-5 ozIHe juicy.thin-skinned, very popular
Zapotecpink80largeIHe Mexican variety, deeppink/ribbed, sweet slicer or stuffer