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Saturday, April 26, 2008

A few things about trees

How to choose the best tree

The most important tip in tree planting

Loosen and break up the soil at least 3 feet out from the trunk of the tree, to a depth of 1 to 1½ feet. This will allow feeder roots to move easily through soil and allow water to percolate down to those roots.

  • strong, straight trunk
  • no cuts or trunk damage
  • evenly spaced branches along trunk
  • no split or broken branches
  • full leaf canopy unless dormant
  • mostly green, healthy leaves unless dormant
  • no diseases or insects present
  • no roots growing out of root ball or container
  • firm, round root ball
  • no roots circling top of container
  • no weeds growing in container
  • moist soil in container

An excellent website for tree information

Here is an excellent site on basic tree, shrub and groundcover information. It includes a pictorial section on practice pruning to help identify pruning needs. University of Florida Professor Ed Gilman on Landscape Plants: http://hort.ifas.ufl.edu/woody