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Monday, January 01, 2007

Gardening Bits

• Sphagnum moss has an antibiotic quality. Grind it up and use it as an antibacterial mulch for seedlings to prevent damping off. When seed starting, cover seeds with the mixture rather than soil.
• Bud swelling, come spring, is the signal that roots need water as they’re growing.
• Ant Hill Humus. Got an abandoned ant hill? Harvest the granules to lighten soil. Rinse them well first. If using in containers or for more tender applications, pour boiling water through the granules or cook them in the BBQ for 30 minutes to sterilize.
• Taper the bottom end of stem cuttings so you know which end to plant in your growing medium. If you’ve already goofed up, the bud is always above the leaf.
• Dormancy: Cool dry storage prolongs dormancy; cool moist storage breaks dormancy. Good to know when you’re storing cuttings.

Winter Bulb Tips

After planting (and there’s still time if you haven’t gotten to them yet!) always top dress with something organic and water in well or the roots won’t grow.

By moisturizing the soil, this process will also minimize “heaving” the bulbs out of the ground over winter and through the spring thaw.

Water them all winter, every 3-4 weeks. Then, when spring finally comes, be sure to water them yet again to maximize bloom time.