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Monday, June 18, 2007

Turf Substitutes

  • For a new look, consider a small patch of artificial turf. It can look funky or very natural, will brighten up a small space, can be swept or vacuumed clean, never need mowing or feeding, stay green all year round and...best of all...never need watering.
  • Gravel, rocks, drought tolerant shrubs and native grass clumps look great and natural, especially with a flagstone pathway winding through. Add a dry river bed and you'll have a handsome Santa Fe style turf free landscape.
  • Consider ground covers, traditional and not so traditional. Santa Fe nurseries are good sources of old favorites such as creeping thyme, vinca, snow in summer, and veronica. Plant these ground covers near walkways and patios then back them up with sturdy low growing shrubs like sumac, broom and manzanita, winter hardy cacti, and short native grasses. These turf free areas look good all year round and require little to no supplemental water.

Ground cover tip: If you're covering a weedy site, clear the weeds without tilling the soil, a step that will just bring more weed seeds to the surface. Plant your ground cover plugs at twice the recommended density. The plants will grow together quickly and thwart the weeds.