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Monday, June 18, 2007


by Jack Ortega, Rosarian

  1. Water your roses once a month during the winter.
  2. Prune your roses in April.
  3. Wait until your roses sprout their initial stems and leaves about an inch long before you feed them.
  4. I recommend that your initial two feedings be fish emulsion. Repeat the process once a month for the remainder of the growing season.
  5. Mulch your rose bushes with a one to two inch layer of material.
  6. If you want to foliar spray your roses with insecticide or feeding products, do it in the evening about an hour before sunset.
  7. If possible avoid planting a rose bush against a west wall.
  8. Use a water wand to deter spider mites during the growing season. Spray on top and under the leaves as well as the bottom of the bush three to four times a week. This works very well. Do this early in the morning…prior to 8AM.
  9. Begin to spray to ward off mildew in late June. Continue to spray twice a week until the end of September.
  10. Stop feeding your roses on the third week of August.