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Monday, June 18, 2007

Moonlight and Evening Gardens

If you only get to enjoy your garden at night or on weekends, consider all white plantings as part of your flower patch. White flowers are visible after dusk, long after their bright counterparts are hard to see. Some white flowers give off a wonderful fragrance, released by an evening breeze. Certainly when the moon is full, a white garden is breathtaking.

Plants to consider are obedient plant, nicotiana, Shasta daisy, cosmos, geranium, white flowering kale, petunia, yarrow, zinnia, alyssum, snapdragon, liatris, gaura, and many other varieties available from seed or as bedding plants. When selecting your plants, remember that no white garden is totally white. The leaves and stalks will add texture and green-to-gray color, so be sure to consider those elements when planning and purchasing. You'll likely plant a mix of bulbs, annuals and perennials for a long season. Make a grid of all the plants you like with their bloom time. Then you can plant the garden accordingly so something will always be in flower.

Adding a reflecting element is beautiful in a moonlight garden. A pond, mirrors, reflecting glass balls, and crushed glass mulch are a few additions that add sparkle to the night garden. Soft, subtle electric lighting can add a glow on moonless nights. Experiment with adding your own covers to purchased lights and place them in a random pattern throughout the garden.