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Saturday, September 01, 2001


Fall Webworm wins the award for this one, most appropriately. But how do we rid ourselves of it? Many sources say we should cut out infected branches, but since webworm returns every year, we may end up without trees if we keep doing that.

The best solution is to get a ladder, some protective gloves and glasses and remove the webs by hand. Once the web is removed, a light spray of BT, Diazinon or Malathion should kill any existing worms on surrounding limbs. Always have someone help you in high spots!


In Santa Fe, fall is a beautiful time of year. All around things begin to change colors and take on different forms of life…and death. Soon Hyde park will glow. In the aura of the changing of the aspens, the temperature will drop and so will all the leaves. It is a colorful, inspiring process when it occurs here.

Fall doesn’t have to be a celebration of death, though. There’s a lot to do in the fall, by way of gardening. It’s the time of year to plant again. Bulbs, especially, but perennials do well when planted in fall too. Almost immediate dormancy allows the energy of the plant to be directed toward root growth. For most plants, the following year’s bloom is much more magnificent.

This month’s flower of the month is the TULIP. Not because it is in bloom, but because it is one example of life amidst all that is coming to an end in this season. It’s time to begin life in the garden now…for next year’s beauty. What better flower to honor, but the Queen of Spring herself.

Tulip bulbs come in a variety of colors and sizes and take no extra water. They should start filling our local nurseries soon, so get out your paintbrush and plan a bold sheme of color with bulbs in your garden next year.